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FeCHA (Festival de Cine Hispanófono de Atenas) is Athens’ Hispanic Film Festival. The festival focuses on screening current Hispanic films from Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Chile, Colombia, etc. showcasing the rich cinematic wealth of these countries.

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You can find out here all the information on this year’s festival.

Black Snow / Nieve Negra

Salvador lives isolated in Patagonia after being falsely accused of murdering his own brother when they were teenagers. Many decades later, his brother Marcos and sister-in-law Laura come to try to convince him to sell the some remote family...

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Family / La Familia

Twelve-year-old Pedro roams the streets with his friends, raised by the violent urban atmosphere around him in a working class district of Caracas. After Pedro seriously injures another boy in a rough game of play, single father Andrés decides...

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Boy Missing / Secuestro

Patricia de Lucas, a reputable lawyer, sees her life turned into a nightmare when her son Víctor disappears from school without a trace. Hours later, the boy reappears, bruised and clammy with sweat, claiming that a man tried to...

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The Motive / El Autor

Álvaro gets a divorce from his wife, who is a successful writer, and obsesively decides to write “high literature,” despite the fact that he is absolutely talentless. Creative writing courses prove fruitless, so he starts writing about events he...

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Masks / Máscaras

Based on the novel by Leonardo Padura In the scalding summer of Havana, the body of a gay young man and son of a diplomat is found, leading Conde to a world of sexual possibilities. The director will be...

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cortoFeCHA – short films 2018

Festival de Cine Hispanófono de Atenas – FeCHA in collaboration with Hellenic American College (HAEC) presents “cortoFeCHA” on Tuesday 29th May 2018 at the Hellenic American Union (22 Massalias Str, Athens. Metro Station: Panepistimio) at 19.00 with free entry...

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