Days of Hispanic Cinema 2020 Festival de Cine Hispanófono de Atenas - FeCHA presents "Days of Hispanic Cinema" on 12-14 October 2020, a new initiative which coincides with the "Día de la Hispanidad/ Día de la Raza" During the event, 6 award-winning films from Spain and → Instituto Cervantes at the European Cultures Week. Sustainability and environment Instituto Cervantes participates, as it does every year, at the European Cultures Week, organised by EUNIC, which this years will take on the matters of Sustainability and environment. Instituto Cervantes examines the matter of sustainability by presenting Madrid Río, a → Festival de Cine Hispanófono de Atenas – FeCHA online! Festival de Cine Hispanófono de Atenas – FeCHA online! On July 1, FeCHA will give the opportunity to everyone in Greece, to watch online -for free- the short films and documentaries that would be screened as part of the 5th Festival → Announcement for the 5th FeCHA - Athens' Hispanic Film Festival Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions imposed on gatherings for the safety of the public, FeCHA festival will be unable to keep its annual gathering at the end of May – early June for 2020. We are working on →


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FeCHA (Festival de Cine Hispanófono de Atenas) is Athens’ Hispanic Film Festival. The festival focuses on screening current Hispanic films from Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Chile, Colombia, etc. showcasing the rich cinematic wealth of these countries.

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