Announcement for the 5th FeCHA – Athens’ Hispanic Film Festival

Announcement for the 5th FeCHA – Athens’ Hispanic Film Festival

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions imposed on gatherings for the safety of the public, FeCHA festival will be unable to keep its annual gathering at the end of May – early June for 2020.
We are working on trying to have the festival or some part of it at a later date, if the circumstances allow.
We will post more news once it is available to us.

In the meantime we would like to announce the short films and documentaries that were selected for FeCHA 2020.


Girasol – Maria Victoria Sanchez Lara
Detras De La Puerta – Andres Borghi
Cazatalentos – Jose Herrera
Nine Steps – Moisés Romera Pérez
Best Seller – Max Lemcke
Bajo La Palmera – Pau Bacardit
Affection – Ángel Gómez Hernández
Trivial – Fran Menchón & Sandra Reina
A Little Hornless Goat – Sebastian Dietsch


El Sembrador – Melissa Elizondo Moreno
Derechos Y Humanos – Ignacio Ibarra


Borra La Foto – Martin Van Hassel Rolle
Moros En La Costa – Damià Serra Cauchetiez
Una Noche Cualquiera – Juanlu Moreno Some
Cocodrilo – Jorge Yudice
La Nada (Y La Mujer) – Luis Sánchez-Gijón


Abril, Y La Isla Del Tiburón Ballena – Isabel Cárdenas Cortés
Semilla – Jose Javier Castro & Sebastián Betancur
Eden – Eva María Urbano Mora
Mechanical Liquid – Andry Torres
Melty Hearts – Patricio Cisterna & Manuel Cisterna

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